About Delta Digital

We specialise in creating customer-focused digital solutions that are robust and reliable. They enable organisations to achieve their goals, improve their efficiency and strengthen their market position.

Our partnership has the technical experience and expertise for any project with over 3,000 experts worldwide ready to provide you with technical assistance. With our international presence we can respond quickly and effectively to any request.

We provide multi-vendor cloud solutions from our network of strategic partnerships. Our consulting service can transform your network and your business.

With our support, your organisation can keep its essential communications running efficiently, saving you money and avoiding down-time, leaving you to concentrate on core business tasks and achieving your business goals.

Whether you are considering a digital project or need assistance with digital marketing you have come to the right place. We are experienced in digital project management and are experts in digital marketing.

Business Support

  • IT Support & Maintenance of IT products & Development of new products
  • Finance & Performance Management
  • Digital Security
  • Administrative service
  • Media and Publications
  • Learning and Development

Leading multiple project teams to take forward a portfolio of work designed to contribute to strategic priorities. Taking responsibility for the staff associated with the development of this work and its subsequent implementation.  Direct line management responsibility for staff and project management responsibility, split across multiple projects, directly working across the team, in line with project plans.  Participating in recruitment, staff appraisal and supporting staff development activities for their project team members to ensure teams have the skills and knowledge required to meet changing customer demands.

Initiating and managing specific projects involving data management, data modernisation, the development of information products, or the development and roll-out of new business processes or change initiatives.  Leading the development of products to meet priorities and business plan, presenting results to customers externally and internally.

Contributing via management team meetings to monitor current work and reassess priorities as required. Negotiating with other senior colleagues to manage customer expectations and conflicting priorities. Contributing to the development and delivery of the business plans to ensure that they are aligned with the organisation’s priorities.

Championing opportunities for innovative ways of working, including data collection and presentation of information, contributing to the development of new products through close interaction with potential users and suppliers, ensuring the available information develops to meet the changing needs. Developing existing and new information sources to support interoperability between systems and the reuse of data for indirect uses thus avoiding duplication of effort to promote comparability and consistency of information.