Terms of Reference

Pre-project phase is concerned with clarifying what needs to be investigated during Feasibility. This phase is particularly important in larger organisations where such investigations need to be prioritised as part of a Portfolio or Programme. Users of PRINCE2 will identify a clear alignment to the “Starting Up a Project” process.

The Business problem or opportunity needs to be stated. The project needs to be aligned with business strategy. The work required and resources needed to carry out the Feasibility phase needs to be planned.

This phase should be kept as short as possible. A TOR (Terms of Reference) document may be presented at this stage.

The Terms of Reference is a high level definition of business driver for and objectives of project. The primary aim is to scope and justify a feasibility investigation.


  • To DESCRIBE business problem to be addressed
  • To CONFIRM project is in line with business strategy
  • To SCOPE, PLAN and RESOURCE Feasibility Phase

Terms of Reference (4 mins in)