Business Plans Made Easy

Whether you are a start up business or you have a new idea for your existing business, it is always a good idea to produce a business plan, particularly if you are looking for funding. Enloop provides an easy to use online business plan building tool. There is a free version to get you started […]

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Try Lucidchart Diagrams Free

Lucidchart is the web’s leading diagramming and visualization app. Install now to collaborate with team members and clients on flowcharts, mockups, network diagrams, and more. Still using Visio? Lucidchart’s import and export options make the transition painless. Not only is Lucidchart easier to use—it’s more affordable.

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End to credit and debit card surcharges

Today, Saturday 13 January, new EU rules come into force to ban added card surcharges.  Companies and retailers will no longer be legally allowed to add card surcharges. This applies to any online payments, credit transfers and direct debits, and will remain law when the UK leaves the EU in March 2019. The latest rules form […]


GDPR Telephone Helpline

The ICO has launched a telephone helpline specifically to help small businesses tackle the GDPR legislation. To access the new service call the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113 option 4 The ICO has begun a series of blogs to separate fake news about GDPR from fact: GDPR – Sorting the fact from the fiction Part of […]


5 top tips for GDPR legislation

Here are our 5 tips for getting started, and making sure business leaders and marketers are compliant with the new GDPR legislation.   Start now: Plan your General Data Protection Regulation change project now because there are several steps required to ensure your organisation is compliant before May 2018. Find or hire someone that will make […]


Is it The End of Privacy Online?

Michal Kozinski, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, explains how data scientists know all your secrets Are sophisticated algorythms accurately predicting your next move? Does your digital footprint reveal more about you than even friends and family know? Are we entering a post-privacy era? Rethinking a world without privacy, what are the risks and opportunities? What […]


Agile Products

List of Agile products: 1. Terms of Reference 2. Business Case 3. Prioritised Requirements List 4. Solution Architecture Definition 5. Development Approach Definition 6. Delivery Plan 7. Management Approach Definition 8. Feasibility Assessment 9. Foundation Summary 10. Evolving Solution 11. Timebox Plan 12. Timebox Review Record 13. Project Review Report 14. Benefits Assessment

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Preparing for the 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Like the Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation applies to ‘personal data’. However, the GDPR’s definition is more detailed and makes it clear that information such as an online identifier – eg an IP address – can be personal data. The more expansive definition provides for a wide range of personal identifiers to […]

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5 top tips to prepare for GDPR

Five tips for getting started to make sure you business is compliant From 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced. This enhances the rights of data subjects putting them back in control of their personal data and provides more obligations for data controllers to assist with this. To enforce this, the Regulator, in […]