Is the customer always right?

One of the concerns that is sometimes expressed about Agile approaches is that they are ‘too customer-driven’, implying that customers are not always the best people to define the direction of a product or a change. So is the customer always right, and is it good Agile practice to give the customer what they want? […]


Essential Digital Skills Checklist

Do you have the digital work skills as well as digital life skills? Ask yourself these questions to find out. Sign up to our newsletter to receive a full toolkit. Essential Digital Skills Checklist Full Toolkit


SSL Certificates for GDPR Compliance

Do I Need an SSL Certificate to Be GDPR Compliant? Most websites need an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to be GDPR compliant, but it depends on what information your website collects. If your site collects and stores any information from your users then it is a safe bet to have an SSL certificate on […]

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Online Booking Tool

We were asked to look at an online booking system solution for our new client and recommended Timely for the Salon and Spa industry. We chose Timely on the basis that it links with our preferred accounting system, Xero. It also has online payment integration with our chosen payment gateway, Square. For email marketing there […]

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Alt Tags in SEO

The term “alt tag” is a commonly used abbreviation of what is actually an alt attribute on an img tag. The alt tag of any image on your site should describe what is on it. Screen readers for the blind and visually impaired will read out this text and therefore make your image accessible. What […]


VAT deregistration

From 1st September 2018, Delta Digital will no longer charge VAT. For members of the general public or other businesses that can’t reclaim VAT on purchases, this is good news – we now have a competitive advantage over VAT registered companies. We will no longer have to add VAT to our sale price after the […]