Google Adwords Express

10th March 2017

Google Adwords Express

Google offers a simple version of their Adword service called Google Adwords Express. It is popular with businesses wishing to attract customers within a 40 mile radius. It offers a simple control panel to control your monthly budget.

For businesses that prefer a fully managed service, we can run your Google Adwords Express campaign for you and invoice you monthly. You receive a monthly report showing how much of your monthly limit has been spent and you pay us by direct debit including a monthly management fee.

Here is an example of a typical set up with a limit of £200 a month which is much less than a full SEO management and search engine submission service would set you back. It may seem very little to pay for high ranking on Google but, with a bit of fine tuning and creative thinking, it works very well for our supported clients. They now choose to use Google Adword Express year after year because they can see measurable results day by day and vary their spend according to marketing budget. Starting with small amounts until the business grows seems to be the best approach because it’s low risk.


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