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Inspiring Viral Marketing Campaigns

Many articles have been written about the secret formula of viral marketing. Unfortunately, there isn’t one.  Using the DRIP formula (Differentiate, Remind, Inform, Persuade) is a way of increasing your chances of producing a viral campaign by maintaining a strong presence in the social conversation and providing engaging content for your audience. Differentiate the offering […]

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SEO Essentials

Keyword Analysis Brainstorm list of ideas of words/phrases. Speak to your co-workers, friends, suppliers to your business of keywords and phrases they would associate to the content you are looking to create. Imagine you are the customer. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What types of keywords and phrases are you going to […]

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Google Resources

Structured Data Testing Tool Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to check that Google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results. Structured Data Markup Helper Not sure how to start with adding structured data markup to your HTML? Try this point-and-click tool. Email Markup Tester Validate the structured data […]

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