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Clyde Kitchens

Clyde Kitchens had been established on the web and in TV advertising for some time before we were hired to produce a mobile friendly conversion to a WordPress website. Following our success with the RT catalogue theme on another project, we felt it would make a cost effective solution to the new Clyde Kitchens website […]

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Website for Accountants and Book-keepers

Accountants and Bookkeepers require a corporate website that conveys trust and precision. It needs to be easy to use by people of all ages and be visible on all mobile devices. Here we showcase a new website theme specifically for the accountancy and bookkeeping industry but it can also be adapted for law firms and […]

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Website for Building and Construction Companies

Construction companies should not be left when it comes to having an appealing website. Although fewer sales may be negotiated digitally and much of your work may come from the public sector, it is still important to maintain the brand and convey quality and class. Here we showcase a new website theme specifically for the […]

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12 Critical Elements on a Homepage

Your website’s homepage plays an important part in how you are found in the search engines. We look at a practical infographic outlining the key elements your homepage should have.

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Top Tips for Writing for the Web

Why am I writing this content? Who am I talking to? What do I want to say? Sweat the small stuff Give your page a clear, unique, meaningful title Add a description element to key pages, and anywhere RSS is enabled Keywords not normally necessary Breadcrumb text & URLS should make sense Give away the […]

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