Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit


Our strategy toolkit will help you create your own digital strategy cost effectively. The toolkit gives you a clear structure to quickly create your plan. As an expert member of Smart Insights we structure your digital plan around the RACE planning framework and use our online resources to create and refine your digital plan. If you are just starting out in business have a look at our Media Kit options.

It was back in 2004 we started using the services of Delta just for hosting our rather crude website that we had built using Serif. We received very few enquiries from the old website but didn't understand why. Ron explained the managed serviced provided by Delta Digital. We were told it would take time for a new website to be found "organically". Without fully understanding what that meant we trusted Delta Digital to provide us with a new, mobile friendly website. On Ron's advice we Initially invested in Google Adwords Express Advertising for the new website. We were aware of the Google Ad service previously with as part of their package but got nothing from it despite their high monthly fees and promises so we were a little skeptical. As soon as we opted to manage our own Google Adword Campaign under the watchful eye of Delta Digital, we could see the results every day. This was never the case with and we never managed to get a report out of them telling us what was going on. Earlier this year, we stopped paying for Google Adwords and now rely solely on our organic ranking in the search engines. Thanks to Delta Digital, I now understand the term "organic" when it comes to being found in the search engines and we've never been busier!

Emma Irons - Operations and Finance Manager - Charlie Irons Coaches

Content Marketing

We see content marketing as the fuel for all the core digital marketing activities to engage and persuade your audience. Use our toolkit to develop a more strategic approach and use our templates to manage your content marketing activities.

Digital Experience

 Learn how to make your mobile and desktop websites more persuasive using our approach. Find out how to use Google Analytics to identify improvements and understand website design best practices.

Email Marketing and Automation

 Email is still the best way to deliver target, relevant messages to prospects and customers. Use our email marketing tools so you can use the power of marketing automation across the customer lifecycle.

Google Adwords

 Paid search marketing is highly competitive in all business sectors. Adwords needs careful management to deliver a return on investment. Use our adwords guide to go through the questions you need to ask to optimise your account.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool in the right hands but to get more commercial value from it requires careful setting up and monitoring. Our guide helps you through the steps to customise it for your business.

Marketing Campaign Planning

No need to reinvent the wheel. We give the the fundamental of a Marketing Strategy to grow your business. Use our campaign planning guides to create tried and tested campaign plans.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you get it right, SEO can be a huge competitive advantage so it’s very competitive. Check your approach to SEO is using the latest techniques and best practices with our toolkit.

Social Media Marketing

Review and improve your social media marketing with our toolkit. Use our templates to audit and develop your social media strategy and make better use of the main social networks with practical tips in our smart guides.