Online Booking Tool

20th January 2019

Online Booking Tool

We were asked to look at an online booking system solution for our new client and recommended Timely for the Salon and Spa industry.

Timely appointment scheduling system

We chose Timely on the basis that it links with our preferred accounting system, Xero. It also has online payment integration with our chosen payment gateway, Square. For email marketing there is a link to your Mailchimp account, so it’s all good stuff!

What sets Timely apart from other solutions is its ability to store customer notes and photographs. This is very useful for hair and beauty treatment repeat business and progress tracking. Effectively, it means you may not require an additional CRM solution.

If you do not need customer records, photos, documents and notes built into the same system, you might like to try This is a free service up to 50 bookings per month. It offers a nice selection of mobile friendly booking pages. Book Digital Marketing Consultancy with Delta Digital.

If you are looking for a more generic online booking service then we can recommend Simply Book.

This comes with a handy booking page as well as being able to embed on your website.

Handy Booking Page

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