Digital Marketing Campaign – Overview

13th December 2018

Digital Marketing Campaign – Overview

There are 6 key elements to running a digital marketing campaign

  1. 1. Campaign goals and tracking

    Is the focus on creating brand awareness, customer acquisition or retention and growth? Define SMART objectives based on a simple funnel. Keep them tied to measurable KPIs and link to a cash value of revenue and profit – this way is easier to justify marketing spend.

  2. 2. Campaign insight and targeting

    Target audiences – use primary and secondary personas. Define demographics.

  3. 3. Key campaign messages and offers

    Define “The Big Idea” What do you want your audience to do, think, or feel? What is in it for them? Where is the value exchange? How will you connect with and convince your audience using content marketing at the core of the campaign?

  4. 4. Campaign media plan and budget

    What is the strategic communications approach you’re using. It’s important to define this so that you can get aligned to the wider business and ensure you choose the right communication channels, promotional tactics, offers and creative approach.

  5. 5. Campaign asset production

    Media mix and budgeting. Recommended investment in digital media, for example:

    1. Paid search
    2. Display advertising
    3. Social media
    4. Online PR

    Total budget available for:

    1. Planning & research
    2. Creative & content assets (videos, animation, infographics)
    3. Media (TV, readio)
    4. Testing and in-campaign optimisation
  6. 6. Campaign execution

    Schedule: Key milestones, campaign wave start dates and deliverables

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