In a rapidly evolving globalised world, marketing needs to take its seat at the top table to drive business growth

Professional marketing is a vital driver for business growth. For business to fully reap its benefits, strategic marketing professionals need a seat at the top table. To secure this seat, today’s marketers need to develop a much wider range of business skills. Whereas years ago professional development may have focussed mostly on theory and how to interpret data, now marketers need to understand how to lead from the front. Businesses are not just looking for their marketers to be creative, interpret analytics and successfully operate in a digital world. They more critically need them to lead change, manage people and projects and have the skills and ability to collaborate, innovate and influence across the business – no matter how challenging the climate. CIM Catalyst (8 February 2017)

At Delta Digital, we identified this need in the digital landscape over 10 years ago and set about maintaining our position in this multi skilled industry. Maintaining the balance between project management and digital marketing varies from project to project. The approach, however, is the same. We use the same strategic model that has served us well for many years.

The route of personal development for our team is firmly at the cross over between digital marketing and project managment. In 2006 this concept possibly seemed an odd combination of skills. The Learning and Development industry has caught up with the concept and now there are many training courses in this field. Here are just a few courses available from our preferred training partner:


Involving your team in understanding social media

It is crucial to get everyone in your team interested in your digital brand. There are some excellent free resources online to train your team. Here are a few examples from the HootSuite Academy. HootSuite is online digital marketing tool to assist you in managing your social media broadcasting and listening.