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An owned traffic ranking tool that provides historical figures based on the last three months. The tool tracks the activity of visitors during the time period, collecting browsing details and a number of metrics, including bounce rates and engagement data. In contrast to most other tools, the lower your Alexa rate, the better and a score of 100,000 or less is generally perceived to be achieving a reasonable level of traffic.


With a number of capabilities on offer, the free version offers easy-to use, one-click access to a suite of information, including global ranking, referral sources and estimated traffic. This is ideal if you are a big-picture kind of person. However, If you want to drill down for further information you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription; one downside to a useful comparative tool for finding out more about your customers and competitors.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google offering that evolved from the Google Adwords Keyword tool. Along with being an invaluable free resource that was created specifically for advertisers, strengths also lie in its ability to identify the keywords and bid prices being used by your competitors. Based on a twelve-month average, the keyword planner makes it easy to gain an understanding of how your target audiences are searching for your products and services.

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