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67% of mobile visitors are unlikely to return to a site if they had trouble.

What is a goMobi Website?

A goMobi website is a fully functional website specifically designed with the mobile user in mind

With goMobi’s mobile site builder, customers will have a great mobile experience from any mobile device.

It operates independently of your main website and is shown to visitors finding your domain name on a mobile device. It is faster to use on a mobile and users find it easier to find key information like contact numbers, maps and offers.

Why do I need a goMobi Website?

Nowadays it is easy to build a website that is mobile friendly using a WordPress Responsive theme or some other website design application. However, the way people use websites on a mobile may be quite different from how they use a website on a desktop PC. A GoMobi website can tap into mobile device functions like click to dial and Google Maps Navigation.


  • Faster loading times
  • Easier to read on the move
  • Easier navigation to find key information
  • Less page scrolling
  • Better customer experience and retention
  • Clean professional look, great first impression

For a simple mobile website that pushes out the key messages and special offers it is pretty hard to beat. When you combine its highly relevant mobile friendy content with its rapid performance, it makes you question having just one website to fit all devices. Whilst mobile phones now embrace click to call, NFC payment, GPS and dominate the use of Facebook by a considerable margin it is worth considering this service in any mobile strategy.

PDFs are still used extensively to convey sets of information. GoMobi allows several PDF add ons to the website.

A selection of templates to choose from makes this suitable for mobile business needs. The control panel is feature rich and can be modified at any time. With prices starting at only £5 a month with no tie in, this is a very cost effective digital marketing tool. Get yours today.

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