ITIL in Digital Project Management

ITIL circleTechnology is an enabler of best practice, not a source of best practice. Whereas standards, academic research and internal experience are all sources of best practice. The three characteristics: Vendor Neutral, Non-Prescriptive and Best Practice all help to make ITIL successful. We can apply these ITIL characteristics to digital project management. As an independent consultant, our approach is vendor neutral. Our business mentoring approach is non-prescriptive and gives you the digital tools to prescribe your own solution. Our best practice is shaped from over 30 years of experience not just in digital but in information technology.

The defining feature of the internet era is a shift in power from companies to individuals. The customer journey is likely to start with finding out about a brand and end with telling other people about it. The customer experience today is a powerful means of differentiating one brand from another but many companies have been slow to recognise how fundamental the customer experience is to business success. Research regularly confirms that organizations able to skilfully manage the entire customer experience reap rewards:

  • enhanced customer satisfaction
  • reduced churn
  • increased revenue
  • greater employee satisfaction

Let us help you build an understanding of your customer journey by using best practice tools in a non-prescriptive manner. This way, you start to see where some of the other problems exist.  Ensure these problems are noted but resist from trying to redesign the service in passing with a quick fix. Sustainable improvements may require a service redesign. A blueprint for the service may be necessary before embarking on a service transition to ensure a successful move into the live environment. Ongoing examination of customer journeys ensures continual service improvement. In turn, this helps the organization to identify areas for improvement in terms of the service’s overall effectiveness and efficiency.