About The Project

Scotwaste knew we were in the top tier of mobile website designers in West Lothian and we had briefly touched on the subject during a meeting about the new legislation on recycling that came into force in January of 2014. After further discussion, it became clear that Scotwaste needed to upgrade their website to stay ahead of the competition. Their need to target smaller businesses meant they needed to have an interactive, easy to use presence on mobile phones as well as desktop PCs. We were invited to produce a layout based on their existing website content and we’ve recently released version 2.

We are now currently working on the company’s digital marketing strategy to take the business to the next level. Comparison with the competition in commercial waste collection in Edinburgh will give the company some changes to consider and raise their ranking to the top in organic search results.

Executive Summary

The following is an overview of digital marketing elements focused on engagement and retention of customers. The model chosen for this project is the SOSTAC model.  Once reviewed and approved by the Marketing Manager, these elements can become part of Scotwaste’s overall digital marketing plan. The project will run for a period of 12 months after which time the plan will be reviewed based on measurements specified in the Strategy under the Control Section.

Situation Analysis

The findings from the digital audit highlight the issues Scotwaste have with the engagement and retention of existing customers. An entry level, 3rd generation website recently replaced a 2nd generation one that was desperately out of date due to its lack of mobile friendliness and poor structure.


Considering the wider corporate marketing plan to increase business in Edinburgh by raising the profile of the business through existing businesses, the report recommends the digital marketing objectives focus on:

  • Engagement: communicating with the existing “bread and butter” customers via social media and newsletters, giving them the tools to spread word of mouth (WOM)
  • Retention: encouraging repeat business from the same client group by moving them up the ladder of loyalty to ambassador status


Increased use of engaging content will be used to involve existing customers online to create a buzz around the brand. Targeted use of Linkedin Discussion Groups for B2B activity in the Edinburgh area. Further development of existing Facebook channel and a restart of the Twitter channel activity to increase engagement by existing customers whilst raising brand awareness.


Over a 12 month period an internal awareness campaign of digital engagement will utilise the company’s most important assets, its employees. The marketing mix will include some existing channels and some new digital channels.


A schedule of actions will be shared with staff by use of a Gantt chart. As well as sharing the common goal of the business, training and encouragement will be given to all staff members on the business benefits of using social media to drive engagement. Records of personal achievements and life goals will be gathered to provide a more human aspect to the business. Increased use of existing contacts within Councils and the Industry will strengthen the brand. Customer satisfaction surveys and EDOC (Electronic Duty of Care) introduction will add valid reason for increased engagement and feedback.


The 12 month project will be measured against pre-determined KPIs to understand which channels and marketing spend offer the best increase in customer engagement and retention. A dashboard will be provided by a monthly Sitebeam report.

The Methodology

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Key Details

Project Date: 24.06.2016

Project Budget: £5000