The University of Edinburgh

About the project

We were delighted to be invited to help the University of Edinburgh to produce a thematic website for their students.

The task was to provide specialist website editorial, site build and support expertise to ensure the delivery of a userfocused, sustainable and legally compliant online presence for the University.

This was achieved by working closely with stakeholders from across the University to analyse needs and resources to plan and deliver appropriate websites contributing to the management and delivery of a support and community framework to raise standards in website management and thus enhance and protect the University’s reputation.

We engaged with the business and technical representatives confirming the unit’s digital communications and engagement objectives considering the skills/time availability ratio and planned the website structure. We followed the University’s architecture, content guidelines and principles using user centred design techniques throughout the planning.

We coordinated the work of other editors using the University’s CMS to create appropriate website structures. We created pages based on analysis to enhance the website user’s journey and supported unit objectives. We appraised and communicated the process to ensure the structure and content plan met business and user requirements and amended as appropriate.

By following the University’s editorial guidelines and making editorial decisions autonomously, we created content and edited content supplied from different sources, sourcing and manipulating images when required and collaborating with relevant members of university staff to appraise progress against objectives or when content and objectives appeared significantly misaligned.

We maintained a RAID log to track risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies.

At the end of the project we submitted a SiteBeam report to check for any minor teething problems. We fixed the problems reported and handed the website over to go live.

We demonstrated the difference between the mobile websites using the legacy CMS system and the new Drupal CMS using mobile mockups. We built a case for sustainability to persuade the governance board that an early migration was the best course of action.

The first 4 weeks involved drawing up mockups and wireframes to present to the stakeholders. Fireworks was used to create mockups and the University’s own PowerPoint on the internal MS Office 365 platform was used to distribute, engage and stimulate discussion on content.

We then set about drawing up diagrams to show new content pages and the relationship between the new website and other existing pages that were also going through a state of change. This was a challenging task as formats and locations were frequently changing. The strategic design and visuals had to react to changes across the University. It seemed like a moving target at times but our strategic plan update methods were simple and always well received as we kept the content easy to digest. Stakeholders could edit changes directly in the presentation because it was presented in SharePoint/PowerPoint files that could easily be edited via a standard browser when shared on MS Office 365. This removed the need to email large graphic files.

Project Info

Project Date: 24.04.2015

Project Budget: 14,000 GBP

Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, DRUPAL