Business Directory Listing

1st June 2019

Business Directory Listing

List your business in online directories for improved SEO

In addition to ranking better in search engine results, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to be registered and listed correctly in online directories. This applies to all sectors from hardwood flooring suppliers to roofing contractors.  Potential customers will use these directories to source products or services in their local area, so it is essential that you are listed correctly. When creating listings in local directories you need to ensure that all information entered in your listings matches the business information on your website. Different information can add additional waiting time for your listings to be found. If your listings are not found straight away, don’t worry, this is normal. It usually takes around two weeks for listings to be found, but this can differ depending on multiple factors including the time taken for your listing to be verified by the directories and the time you created your listing. It will happen, just give it some time. If you need assistance with this task, please let us know. We can provide you with a report to find out where you are listed and where you need to be listed.
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