Improve your Google My Business listing

1st June 2019

Improve your Google My Business listing

Now that your Google My Business listing is up and running you need to work on your business online image by adding photos and videos to your account. Businesses with updated pictures receive more attention from customers because they constantly catch their interest, which results in more time being spent on the listing and they have a better chance to rank higher. Google My Business gives you the opportunity to add different types of pictures, where each has its purpose.

Start with the “Profile photo”. Use your logo to make your business recognisable online. It will be displayed right next to your business name on your listing in Google. The “Cover photo” is the showcase of your business. The imagesneed to be of the highest quality possible, with no alter or filters added to them. Also, take care of the format. Follow Google‘s guidelines for increasing the chances that the preferred photo will show up in search results. Add photos by clicking on the “+” to provide a spotlight for information about your business to the visitor. For example, interior and exterior of your business, events that you have taken part in, your amazing team or again your products and/or services. Show your customers what makes your business great.

As for videos, it is a great opportunity to use them as a chance to provide as much information to your customer as possible. Keep them fun and interesting to watch. You should aim to keep the videos’ length to around 30 seconds; keep it short and informative! Remember! You can upload videos and photos in the category “by owner” and you can see the ones posted by your visitors in the category “by customer”.

If you want to give the visitors a virtual tour of your office, then try the new “360” feature and let them know what it feels like to visit your business. Feel free to check how your Google My Business listing will look in search results and maps with all these added visuals. By utilising your photos and videos on Google My Business, you provide your customers with an in-depth view of your business, building both trust and sales.

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