Moving to Digital is not a choice, it is a necessity in today’s business world. Delta Digital provide the tools, support and advice to enable you to make the change.

Web Design

Regardless of complexity of your website, we create website designs for clients so that  ensure the style, branding and functionality of the site meets your needs.

We use trusted open-source software. All our client sites are built on the WordPress platform. Recent figures reveal WordPress powers around a third of all the websites in the world and that is because it is a flexible, secure, and affordable way to build web applications.

WordPress has a massive contingency of developers around the world. Its base software and associated plugins are actively developed and enhanced all the time. That means that we can provide a huge range of web functionality without the need for costly new development.

For clients who wish to manage the content of their own websites, WordPress is a perfect CMS platform because it was built from the ground up to be suitable for non-technical users as well.

All new client sites are built using responsive design so that the website display adapts to suit the device it’s being viewed on, be it desktop or phone, to ensure that Google considers your site to be ‘mobile-friendly’.

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Website Hosting

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. All the files, databases and images that make up a website need to be physically stored on a server somewhere in the cloud.

We manage and maintain a collection of Virtual Private Servers based in the UK and Europe. This allows us to offer web hosting facilities with the best combination of performance, security, control and cost.

We can also work with your existing 3rd party hosting company or provision dedicated cloud hosting environments for high-demand applications.

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Digital Consulting Services

Our comprehensive industry experience and technical expertise can help your organisation make the right decisions when moving to digital.

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Digital Project Management

Effective Digital Project Management often proves to be the difference between success and failure of a digital project.

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Digital Marketing

The commercial promotion of your business is equally important on a digital plaform. Your digital marketing strategy needs to be integration with your overall business strategy.

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Reputation Management

Reputation Management is now as important as SEO and CRO in certain industries, particularly hospitality, restaurants, hotels, B&B, pubs, etc. Your business can be judged based on one bad review. This can be professionally managed with the right skill set.

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Digital Network Planning and Design

Having a solid infrastructure is key to getting the structure correct and it is vital to plan and design your digital network to ensure the best possible foundations are in place.

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